Thursday, June 8, 2017

20th Century
As you all remember my theme for this blog is immigration, this is my last blog and my teacher has asked us too write about the 20th century. So I'm going to talk about immigration in the 20th century, many immigrants suffered in this period of time because of the Immigration Act and Asiatic Barred Zone Act. Many Europeans came to the United States for a better future one of them were the Italians. Italian immigrants increased in the 20 century according to the book "Immigrating to the USA," more than 2 million Italians immigrated between 1900 and 1930. Another thing this article talks about is also Immigration Act of 1924, it placed restrictions on immigrants from other countries, specifically war-torn Europe and Asia. The passing of the Immigration Act directly affected immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe.The Asiatic Barred Zone Act affected Indian Americans they lived under new restrictions, as a court case in 1922, the United States vs. Bhagat Singh Thind, took away existing Indian Americans of their citizenship. Causing the Indian population quickly to decrease in America. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

A Divided Nation
As you remember my theme for this blog is immigration, I'm going to be talking about immigration during the Civil War. The article I chose is about the Know-Nothing Party, which opposed immigrants that came from Europe during the 1850s. In the article it talked about how the people from England, Germany, Scandinavia, Ireland and Italy where coming to the United State. Most of them were Roman Catholic so they would listen more to the pope than the president. Many activist worried that the country was changing so the Democratic Party had seamlessly folded the immigrants into existing political operations. When asked what these activist were up to they would try to keep a low profile by saying "I know nothing" they eventually were know as the "Know Nothing Party", this party grew within a year. 

Friday, January 27, 2017


As you remember my theme is immigration, I'm going to talk about immigration during the founding. I found the following article written by Michelle Malkin. It talks about what are founding fathers think of immigration. She talks about how precedent Obama agrees with immigration and how the founding father disagreed. Because of indiscriminate mass immigration and how it would affect votes. George Washington thought that immigrants should be more like Americans and they should be assimilated in to american culture. I disagree with this because I think that if you come from a different country you should be allowed to practice it, not because your're in this country you should be "more american". 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Colonial Period

As you remember, my theme is immigration. I have to relate it to the material we learned in the colonies unit. There were many different kinds of migrants, voluntary and involuntary. I have chosen to focus on slaves. I examined this link at the official Jamestown site. It starts out talking about the first slaves brought to Virginia, in 1619, but focuses on the Royal African Company. This was a corporation with a monopoly on the slave trade. Founded in 1672, it had declined by the end of the century. But it was during this time that slavery took off in Virginia. This reading definitely changed my impression of immigration, to see that it wasn't always the inspiring experience we associate with later periods.

Friday, September 9, 2016


Hello I am a high school student at Potomac Falls High School and my history teacher has asked my class to pick a theme to talk about for this blog and I chose Immigration. I chose immigration because I have seen how its impact the U.S, also immigration has played a big role in U.S history from the settlers coming to the U.S to people coming from different parts of the world. People come to the U.S for better opportunities and to give their children a better future, that maybe they can't have in there country. Immigration plays a part in modern America and is a big topic I think because of candidate Donald Trump and what he thinks of illegal immigrants. In the article I chose it talks about how Donald Trump wants to build a wall to keep illegal immigrants from coming to the U.S. Author Miriam Valverde talks about how Trump plans to build his wall and how he wants Mexico to pay for it. She also talks about how Trump doesn't want people to send money to there families in there counties if there illegal immigrants. I disagree with Trumps idea because building a wall won't keep immigrants out, also he wants to deport them back to there counties. I disagree with that because illegal Immigrates do a lot of work for the U.S so he will lose a lot of workers. I think its not affair that they cant send money to there families because some illegal immigrants come to the U.S to make more money so that they can send to there families, some parents come and leave there children in there country so that they can send them money so that they have what they need.